Todays festivities are rooted in well-being and self care. Feel encouraged to sample all of the below experiences...




Hand-Crafted Brunch Bites + Collagen Cocktails

Food that nourishes and promotes a healthy, balanced diet are featured for today's festivities.

Collagen infused cocktails paired with collagen eye masks are the drink of the day, promoting relaxation and healthy, glowing skin.

Al fresco mini-massage

*Limited to first 12 sign-ups. Savor a mini-massage in the fresh morning air. Massage benefits include reducing stress and increasing relaxation, Reducing pain and muscle soreness and tension, Improving circulation, energy and alertness, Lowering heart rate and blood pressure, Improving immune function. Combined with fresh air which speeds the healing process and increases Vitamin D levels.

Hot Tub Toe-Dip

Relaxing in the jetted bubbles of a hot tub promotes stress relief and relaxation, improves sleep, relieves pain and helps burn calories. 

THC Infused Amuse Bouche

Enjoy a one-bite snack that provides a booze-free buzz with a boost of wellness. These beach-themed Delta-9 THC gummies are formulated to provide a pleasant sense of bliss. Each vegan gummy combines 2.5mg of Delta-9 THC with 25mg of hemp-derived CBD for benefits you’ll feel in both your mind and body. This product is hemp-derived and federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. *adults please enjoy one only please, be aware of the possible side effects before consuming.

Meditational Sound Bath

Take in the calming sounds throughout the morning; waves of soothing, echoing sound from traditional wind and percussion instruments may help with stress, fatigue, and depression symptoms.

Back Relaxation Wheels

Chirp features three different sized wheels for optimal back and neck pain relief and muscle recovery. The 10” Firm delivers targeted pressure to help you massage those problem areas along the spine, the 6” Deep Tissue digs in deep to get rid of your toughest knots, and the 4” Focus targets key pressure points in your neck to reduce tension headaches and relieve neck pain.

Accupressure Mats

Acupressure mats provide significant back & body pain relief, aid in the relief of headaches, reduce fatigue through enhanced blood circulation.

30 seconds: Pleasant tingling

1 minute: Blood circulation is  activated

3 minutes:   Cell  regeneration kick-started

5 minutes: Flood of endorphins

10 minutes: Deep relief from muscle tension

20 minutes: Euphoric calm in both body & mind